Why Nine

While some consider a 9-hole course to be the black sheep of golf courses, we find them to have advantages that an 18-hole course. There are many that find a short course to be the perfect option. Here are a few reasons why we love our short course:

1)   9-hole courses are just as scenic as any other. There are golfers that enjoy the relaxed outdoor setting of the game and any short course can offer that just as well as a long course.

2)    A short course is perfect if you are on a time crunch. Don’t want to spend 4 hours on the course? Then a 9-hole is the right choice for you!

3)   A 9-hole course is adaptable to any skill level. Long courses can be intimidating to beginners, making a short course more attractive to them. They are also suitable to golfers with a higher skill level because it gives them a change of pace from a long course that they may be used to.

4)   If you like to get a workout in by walking the golf course, the length of a 9-hole course is perfect. Let’s face it, it would be quite a distance to walk an 18 and you are probably going to opt for the cart!

one rate all season

No joke. Many courses take advantage of their guests by fluctuating rates based on seasons and holidays. At Maple River we believe in simplicity; after all we are here to serve you and we want you to have the best and fun experience. (Please note that 18 holes is playing twice on our 9 hole course.)

Spring | summer | fall Rates - Dusk to Dawn

  • 9 holes walking $20.00
  • 9 holes w/cart $30.00
  • 18 holes walking $28.00
  • 18 holes w/cart $40.00

Junior Rates 16 and under

  • 9 holes walking $10.00
  • 9 holes w/cart $20.00
  • 18 holes walking $18.00
  • 18 holes w/cart $30.00

Play More?

  • Play an extra 9 Walking $8.00
  • Play an extra 9 w/cart  $12.00

Pull Cart and Club rental Fees

  • Pull cart for 9 Walking $5.00
  • Pull cart for 18 walking $10.00
  • Club Rental for 9 Holes (walking or w/cart) $10
  • Club Rental for 9 Holes (walking or w/cart) $15

Buy in Bulk and Save

  • 10 Play (9 holes walking) $180.00 (10% OFF)
  • 10 Play (9 holes w/cart) $270.00    (10% OFF)
  • 20 Play (9 holes walking) $340.00  (15% OFF)
  • 20 Play (9 holes w/cart) $510.00    (15 % OFF)

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to set up your tee time.